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Brianna received her Master’s degree in Integrative Behavioral Health from the University of Minnesota and has since specialized in eating disorder treatment with adolescents and young adults. She is trained in FBT(TAY), CBT-E, RO-DBT, and is currently undergoing certification in the neuroaffective relational model (NARM), an approach to working with attachment, relational, and developmental trauma. Brianna integrates these approaches, fostering a safe and affirming space, to individualize care for her clients.

Brianna takes a weight inclusive approach and hopes she can support her clients in accessing a valued life free from the grasps of diet culture and weight stigma. 

Outside of the office you can find her biking the lakes, trying new restaurants, traveling, and at the dog park!


**Brianna is a fully certified family-based treatment provider by the Training Institute for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders**

**Brianna is only offering telehealth services at Cultivate**

Brianna is a contractor working with Cultivate Counseling and Wellness
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