COVID-19 Telehelath Policy

For clients who are quarantined (or if your provider has decided to self-quarantine), Cultivate Counseling and Wellness will be offering telehealth sessions.  We will monitor the public health situation, and let our clients know when we will return to in-person sessions (this may be based on individual circumstances). Please also be aware that some therapy modalities do not lend themselves to telehealth. Check with your provider if you have concerns.


Should you choose to self-quarantine, please do the following:


  1. Contact your insurance company and ask them if your plan covers telehealth for mental health and/or nutritional counseling. Specifically ask about codes 90837 (individual therapy) and 97803 (nutritional counseling).

  2. Ask your insurance company what modifier is needed for filing telehealth claims (59 or GT).

  3. Ask your insurance company if your provider needs to use a specific telehealth platform. We may or may not be able to accommodate this.

  4. If you do not reside in Minnesota, check with your insurance company to see if they cover telehealth if you and your provider are in different states.

  5. Communicate this information to your provider via the client portal or texting our HIPAA compliant number: 612-324-7768. If you choose to text, please identify yourself in your text. 

  6. Use the link provided by your clinician to access your telehealth session. Be aware that for safety reasons, we will ask you to confirm your location address at the beginning of session. You are also responsible for finding a secure location with internet access for the duration of the session.


If you do not have telehealth coverage, we will offer out-of-pocket telehealth sessions at our regular rate.


Whether or not you choose to use the telehealth option, we are continuing our late cancel/no show policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment without charge.


If you are attending sessions in person, please make use of the sink/soap in the lobby area and wash your hands before and after sessions.


Thank you for understanding the needs of our small business,


Cultivate Counseling and Wellness.